Best Practices

Community Guidelines & Member Tips

Your safety and success are very important to our team. Here are some help tips and best practices to insure your safety and success!

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    Take clear pictures of your items! (The more pictures, the better!)

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    We suggest setting the item prices between 5-10% of the retail value. After 10 - 20 reservation you'll have the item paid off!

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    Reach out to the Borrower, using the in-app messenger, to confirm pick up/drop off location.

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    Set a location for your item. This will be emailed to the Borrower when you approve the reservation.

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    Let your friends & neighbors know that you are sharing your stuff on Fluid!

10 Top Tips & Best Practices

  1. Provide a clear, friendly profile picture to reassure safety and trust amongst Fluid community members!
  2. For safety, we encourage choosing a place where both parties are comfortable meeting at to exchange the reservation item.
  3. If you receive a reservation request or chat notification, please respond promptly! Communication is kinda a big deal. Relationship advice 101.
  4. Being on time is super important, whether you’re borrowing or sharing!! If you’re running late, shoot the member a message letting them know.
  5. If you don’t know how to use the item you are borrowing, ask the Lender or find online resources to help!
  6. Make sure to add a detailed description of the item, including special features or instructions! This helps enhance the Borrowers experience!
  7. When returning the item, if you made it dirty or wet, please clean it off or wipe it down with a cloth before returning to the Lender. (They may have another reservation right after yours.)
  8. What should you do if something you borrowed doesn’t work? Contact the Lender immediately. If the item doesn’t work, we will happily refund you for the reservation.
  9. Fairly price your items. We suggest making the reservation rate 5-10% of what the item’s retail value.
  10. Whether you or a Borrower or Lender, create a great experience for the person you are meeting!